Equity Research & Valuation Analyses

Fundamental equity analysts provide industry and company coverage on important technology industry segments. The Firm’s talented analysts have long, established relationships with many technology companies located across the United States. Our strong analytical staff is adept at spotting early-stage technology trends, allowing our Investor Network to capitalize on emerging technology investment themes. Internet Securities’ Investor Network and Technology Clients benefit from easy access to an outstanding team of equity analysts which possess expertise in the most rapidly growing and changing technology segments.

Internet Securities has been creating equity research reports for a growing list of late stage, pre-IPO companies.  These 15-20 page institutional quality equity research reports provide in-depth company analysis and are available to institutional investors, including Internet Securities’ trading partners, upon request.

Internet Securities’ Valuation Services

Internet Securities has been providing in-depth company analysis and valuation reports for technology companies for over 15 years. The firm’s equity research analysts and valuation experts possess in-depth knowledge of company valuation and have deep domain expertise in communication technology, digital media, health care, alternative energy, Smart Grid, water, and clean technology industry segments. Technology companies, their strategic partners, and investors may benefit from having an objective, third party analysis and valuation report on the company.

Equity Research Coverage

Internet Securities ® has been creating equity research reports for a growing list of late – stage, pre-
IPO companies. Our ongoing equity research coverages ends when a company either goes public or
is acquired. Company research includes: