Henry K. Wong

Chief Technology Officer

henryHenry K. Wong has over 15 years of technology experience and over 10 years of marketing management experience. In his role as Chief Technology Officer of Internet Securities, Mr. Wong oversees the planning, design, and implementation of the Company’s Information Technology. Henry Wong has a marketing management and technology background from companies such as Intel Corporation and McDonnell Douglas (now owned by Boeing Corporation). Prior to joining Internet Securities, Mr. Wong worked at Intel Corporation for six years in product marketing and corporate development roles where he was involved with the Pentium processor/platform and launching the first 64-bit Itanium processor and systems. In addition, he recruited key server software developers and operating system vendors. Prior to joining Intel, Henry worked for an interactive television startup company and a server database firm. Mr. Wong also has engineering experience from McDonnell Douglas where he was a lead information technology engineer developing several mission critical applications.

Mr. Wong has an M.B.A. from Columbia University and a B.S. in engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.